The Value of Long Term Relationships

Two weeks ago, Joe O’Malia’s very first employee at O’Malia Food Markets !1966), who started with Joe at the Preston store at 71st and Keystone (1962) and who has been a part of the O’Malia family ever since, even since his retirement a few years ago, passed away. I...

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INDIANA ORIGINALS on 93.1 Don’t miss my interview on CUSTOMER SERVICE this Sunday, February 28, from 10:45 AM- 10:55 AM on 93.1 WIBC! It’s part of my good friend Terri’s Stacey’s FIRST DAY show (Sundays 10 AM-noon). Joining Terri will be Mel McMahon of INDIANA...

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Help the Terminally Ill and Poor – and Have Fun Doing It!

Since my radio show is on hopefully temporary hiatus, I’ve missed sharing information with you about Indy’s great not-for-profits that you might not know about. One such organization is MORNING LIGHT and I want to share information about their 13th annual BEACH BALL...

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From My Teaching Days

Those who know me well know I taught junior high and high school English from 1969 to 1975 at St. Andrew Catholic School and Cathedral High School. It was a great experience and helped immensely in preparing me for future roles at O’Malia’s and as Indy’s Trusted...

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Do the Right Thing!

The late Joe O’Malia  often told me to “do the right thing…with everybody…every time.” It’s not always easy. One of the books on my Suggested Reading List is called DO THE RIGHT THING. It’s by the second CEO of Southwest Airlines. Ever wonder why it’s more pleasant to...

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Since I live, die and preach the Gospel of Customer Service for a living these days, lots of folks ask me why it’s generally so bad no matter where you go. I have several thoughts on the matter. But first—remember. There are some companies that give great customer...

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Chick-Fil-A, A Company that GETS IT

Two constant themes to any Customer Service program I present are “corporate culture” and “empowerment.” Not many companies get these right; thus not many companies give very good customer service. One company/ culture I really admire (there are many, such as...

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Danny is back on the radio!

Catch Danny on the air every Wednesday from 4:30 to 5 PM on 91.9 WITT.

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