Those who know me well know I taught junior high and high school English from 1969 to 1975 at St. Andrew Catholic School and Cathedral High School. It was a great experience and helped immensely in preparing me for future roles at O’Malia’s and as Indy’s Trusted Servant.

Several weeks ago, one of my former students at St. Andrew, Henry Hull, gave my 11- year old grand son Connor a note to give to me. Henry takes school pictures. As many also know, my two oldest daughters also taught in Catholic schools, most recently St. Lois de Montfort in Fishers where all my grand kids have gone, are going or will go.

I have not seen Henry since 1973. Here’s what the note said:

Mr. O’Malia,

This is Henry Hull your former student. I just want to say Hi and thanks for all you did for me at St. Andrew. My prayers go out to you and your family. You were a great role model for all us guys and lessons you taught were learned. I just wanted to say Thank You.

Henry Hull.

I put this on Facebook and got so many nice comments, many of them from former students.

It has made my month. Just wanted to share it!