My last two entries have been prompted by complaints. Now I want to tell a positive Customer Service story.

Last week I once again served as Substitute Host on the Abdul in the Morning radio show on 1430 AM. A call came in from a lady named Denise Mertes. This call came in right after a caller named Ann had asked for a POSITIVE customer service story. Denise called in with a doozy!

She wanted to tell me about a fellow named Doug Pagach who started doing lawn mowing for Denise’s 80- year old mother Charmaine some months ago. Doug is the sole proprietor of a side business he calls “Dougle$$ Lawn Care” (503-3441 if you want GREAT service for less money!) Charmaine had hired Doug to cut her grass but over the months Doug, a born handyman, has become “a true blessing” to Denise and her mom.

To quote Denise, “He’s repaired her shed; he’s planted (and continues to water) her flowers; he’s trimmed her shrubs; he’s shoveled snow.” But it hasn’t stopped there. Doug’s become a true friend to Charmaine, so much so that, having learned of Charmaine’s love of home grown tomatoes, he dropped several off when he last visited.

I was so impressed with this “home grown” service that I called Doug to confirm the story and find out what makes him tick. It was worth the time.

A 1991 Ben Davis graduate and the holder of an Associate’s degree from Vinceens U, Doug is (SURPRISE!) a former employee of O’Malia Food Markets. “I worked for Pat O’Riley (then Assistant Manager at O’Malia’s West 10th)in ’87 and ’88,” Doug said proudly He also credits his 92 year old grandfather for “practically raising me and teaching me even before O’Malia’s to do it right the first time and every time.”

Doug’s fulltime job is as a pool installer for Perma Pools, a twelve year career. He just started the landscaping and general fix-it gig “when the economy went south” a couple of years ago. He described it this way. “There’s still enough pool work for about three days a week in the summer. I generally do that Monday through Wednesday and then do the lawn cutting and landscaping late in the week so my clients can enjoy the beauty of their yards on the weekend!”

I was so impressed with Doug, who went on to tell me how much he’s learned from his many visits with Charmaine and how funny and positive she is. I encourage you to call him for your lawn, handyman or pool needs. I guarantee hel’ll take care of you! After all, he’s an “O’Malia Food Market Alum”!