A harried businessman rushed to a Nordstrom store in a mall at 5:30 one evening and headed to the perfume counter. He explained to the lady there that it was his anniversary, he was meeting his wife for dinner in an hour and he had nothing for her. He was looking for a certain brand of perfume. The employee told him they did not carry the brand but that she could find it and have it for him in about 20 minutes.

He had to go to the candy store and flower store in the mall as well so off he went, totally trusting the Nordsrtom employee. Meanwhile she asked a fellow employee to watch her counter, as she was on an errand for a customer. The fellow employee gladly helped out.

The first lady then headed to the Macy’s at the other end of the mall, as she knew they carried the perfume. She bought it, rushed back to Nordstrom, wrapped it up and had it ready when he returned, flowers and candy in hand. He gratefully paid her exactly what the perfume had cost at Macy’s. No complications at the register. No muss. No fuss.

Nordstrom’s culture encourages teamwork and empowers its employees. And that’s why the gentleman originally stopped there.

Any questions?