Two weeks ago, Joe O’Malia’s very first employee at O’Malia Food Markets !1966), who started with Joe at the Preston store at 71st and Keystone (1962) and who has been a part of the O’Malia family ever since, even since his retirement a few years ago, passed away.

I sent a notice on Facebook for all the “O’Malia People” with whom I’m connected. I got a call from the STAR’S Biz Writer John Ketzenberger (whom I has known back when I was the PR guy at O’Malia’s). He was touched by the posting and wanted to learn more about Joe O, Danny Barton and how O’Malia’s got started. I met with John last week.

And he’s doing an article on the whole thing for the SUNDAY STAR on April 10. Just got off the phone with Danny’s wife Yolanda to tell her about it. We are both very excited, as I know lots of former O’Malia employees and customers will be.

I preach the value of building LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS by ”doing the right thing, with everybody, every time” in my customer Service programs.

This little story illustrates how that can play out in life. Danny Barton was a GREAT employee. Joe O’Malia was a GREAT boss, which we all tried to be. I had a nice relationship with John Ketzenberger and have let him know I enjoy his work over the years.


And God Bless the Barton family!