When I do customer service training or keynote speaking, I make the overlying point that an organization’s culture will determine the level of service it offers. As companies grow (or are bought by large conglomerates), that culture often slides clear into oblivion. I hate to pick on a former icon and civic treasure but THE GANNETT STAR no longer is.

If Gannett has a death wish for THE STAR, they have a plan. The shrinking size of the paper, the USA TODAY coverage, the horrible mistakes, typos, etc. are all egregious.

When I cut my subscription to just Sunday, I found out I’d get the Thursday paper for FREE. I figured out that was so they could sell ads on Thursday with inflated circulation figures.

As many of you know, I’m a big sports fan. The coverage the Indians get is beyond pitiful. If the Pacers play on the west coast, you won’t even get a score. COST CUTTING!

So here are three examples from recent sport pages:

  1. During the IHSAA basketball regionals, a headline read: “Tech Falls To Lawrence Central.” The trouble was that Tech fell to Lawrence North. The entire article alludes to LN and THE WILDCATS but of course so many only read headlines.
  2. Early in the college football season, a headline had Louisville beating Auburn. WRONG AGIN. Auburn won but you had to read the article to know it, or to be totally confused.
  3. Three strikes and you’re out. Sunday’s STAR Sports page headline read: “Titans conquer No. 1 Trojans”. WRONG AGAIN. The # 1 Chatard Trojans actually won over the Gibson Southern Titans .

And this is JUST the Sports!

Fix your culture  GANNETT! Before it’s too late, if it’s not already!